“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It Will Not Be Forgotten

It will not be forgotten, the Holocaust. The fear of the Mothers and Fathers. The screams of loved ones. Seeing your children, Mothers, Fathers, friends, Aunts, Uncles herded out into the streets like cattle at auction.

It will not be forgotten, the Holocaust. The cries of children for their Mamas, the sobs and pleading of the wives for husbands, the brothers for sisters.

It will not be forgotten, the Holocaust. The inhumanity of man to fellow man. The stink of burning flesh that hung over the camps. The sound of gunshots and then the sound of silence.

It will not be forgotten, the Holocaust. The sight of bodies with the heads shaved, no teeth in their mouths, dragged by their statesman into mass graves.

It will not be forgotten, the Holocaust. The sound of hungry children crying for anything to fill the holes in their swollen bellies.

It will not be forgotten, the Holocaust. Hiding for months in dirty, dank, wet sewers, afraid your hungry child's cry will be heard and you will be the next one to be dragged screaming to your death.

It must never be forgotten, the Holocaust. History must never repeat itself. Not in Germany, not in Dharfur, not in Mazar, Cambodia, Kosavo, Indonesia, Sierra Leone or Macedonia.


Marmelade said...

When I was about nine, I went on holiday in Germany with my parents. One of the touristic objectives we visited was the Buchenwald concentration camp. They turned into a museum of horror. It was the single most powerful event in my life that has awaken in me the spirit of social justice. Even though I was so young and knew nothing about such terrible things, I understood the enormity of the things happened there. In fact, I felt it like a cold wind freezing my soul, and it was the middle of the summer. Inmates there, I was told, were carrying wagons of stones or steel, like horses, during the entire day, without being given water or food. If one of them fell, they were whipped until they got unconscious. This image is very deep burnt in my mind.

It's unbelievable, it seems like people never learn. I applaud you starting this blog. Please count me in as your most faithful reader.


sassyfrass said...

Marmelade. I am not Jewish, nor any do I know anyone who had any dealings with these terrors. I have always felt so very strong about the history of man and wonder could we really be so cruel? I want to give them a voice. If ever you would like to post on this blog just let me know. I would welcome you with open arms. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Darrel said...

ette, I have read these blogs and am amazed at their accuracy. I am also not a Jewsih person but I have ALWAYS been a WW2 buff and followed the history of Hitler to a T. When the "diaries" came out supposedly his, I knew then they were NOT written by Hitler. Many argued but when it came out they were NOT, I just smiled.
He was sadly 2 men. He was a genius and a monster. He could very well have taken the world had it not been for him being "sick" in the end.
At any rate, your blogs are suberbly written and you apint a picture with your words that is most amazing and real. Thank you for sharing this with me. Ever a FAn of your writing, Darrel


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