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Martin Luther King, Jr

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What You Can Do To Help

What started as a blog about the Holocaust, has evolved into other things. Branched out into, what I feel is so important,  the well being of us, our neighbors and the world. I will post various charities and organizations that have one thing in common, helping our fellow man. All of these depend on donations, but more than a dollar that so many in this time of need do not have is the ability to give of your time. You can do what you can with your time. So many of you out here in the blogging world have so much at your fingertips, knowledge, contacts, forums ect. 

The organization I am going to introduce you to has needs of computer help, for one. They need volunteers to help set up their new offices. Please go to the site and see what you can do right from the comfort of your home.

Heartsandminds is a wonderful web site dedicated to helping in so many ways. From fighting terrorism, to global warmth, to feeding the hungry. 

Together we can support a just, fair, sustainable and beautiful world
 Something new and world changing from an all-volunteer organization
Dear friends-
I just found something very positive that can help change our world.
It's from Hearts & Minds, an all-volunteer, public-service organization. They have an inspiring, powerful message I'd like to share:
YOU Can Change the World
Their Global Survival CampaignSM shows easy, effective ways we can help get to the roots of poverty, terrorism, and protecting our environment.
Less than an hour of your time can make a difference. Here's how:http://www.globalsurvival.info
Billions of lives - including ours - and all future generations are at stake.
We can help create a safer, better, and more sustainable world. See for yourself. Now is a good time :)
Thanks for your interest,

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