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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is Food Shortage The Cause Of Death In Impoverished Nations?

Most people think that starvation is what is the cause of death among the worlds hungry. Disease from too little food is what causes death, not just the absence of food. Weakened bodies from too little food are susceptible to disease, mental retardation in fetuses, slow growth and  slow thinking.

Is there a shortage of food to feed the worlds hungry? You would be surprised to learn that global food supplies far out strip demand. There are 5 things that contribute to most of the world’s hunger.

Poverty. Poor people lack the resources needed to grow or buy food on a consistent basis. These resources may include, land, tools or money.

Armed conflict. War disrupts agricultural programs, and governments spend more on arms than on social programs.

Environmental overload. Rapid population growth in poor nations and  over consumption by wealthy nations, strain natural resources and make it harder for poor people to feed themselves.

Discrimination. Often the result of racial, gender or ethnic discrimination is from lack of access to education, credit and employment, this is a recipe for hunger.

Lack of clout. In the final analysis, hunger is caused by powerlessness. People who do not have the power to protect their own interests are hungry. The burden of this condition falls most acutely on children, women and elderly people.

Self-help solutions to a World wide  problem. Unlike famine or periodic hunger due to war or natural disasters, chronic hunger is a persistent and insidious condition that can effect generations of people in a geographic region. To alleviate this condition, efforts must address root causes, be sustainable and they must be implemented by local people for the long term.

Freedom from hunger’s credit with education program is just such a strategy. They are transferring the program technology they have developed to local people around the world. These people are using it to help their own families and communities.

Freedom from hunger was founded in 1946, and is a non profit, international organization that brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty


Relax Max said...

I didn't know Freedom From Hunger had been around that long. And I didn't know the world was actually producing enough food, just not getting distributed for one reason or another. Good post.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

greed is the cause of death for impoverished nations. supply is always enough. it is the "wanting" for those who are in power that never stops or insatiable. thus, those who have no access or are not in power are not given enough chance or opportunities to get their shares.

mitch said...

thanks max. I will continue to show case this organization's work.

hailey's beats and bits. Greed is but one cause of death, albeit one of the top ones. Thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

There was a report earlier this year about rice being kept scarce and therefore expensive because Japan wouldn't sell on the stockpile it had imported from the USA, Vietnam and, I think, Thailand. The production of rice has been stable for years, people don't eat more of it than they used to, but prices soared. It has to be stockpiling and speculation. I know the EU keeps stockpiles of food to maintain market prices. It shouldn't happen that huge quantities of food are stored to maintain an affluent country's lifestyle while others go hungry.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Great share, thanks for your time


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