“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rape: A Toll of War

Rape is the most dehumanizing thing thing that can happen to a women. Our world is run by men for the most part and how can they understand what happens to women mentally when she is taken against her will? When our soldiers come home from war they receive treatment for PTS or Post Traumatic Stress. What happens to the women in Darfur when they too suffer the same thing? Nothing unless she is found by one of the relief agencies that are trying to essentially put their fingers in a dike. Now that NGO's have been forced out even the small number of women that were getting help now get none.

Social isolation is one of the effects of rape. These women are shunned for something they had no control over, for as we know rape is not a sexual crime. It is an act of dominance and anger. A way to hurt the enemy and cause dissent among civilians for what once the center of the family she is now driven away. If she does claim to have been raped and cannot produce four male witnesses she faces prosecution for adultery, is whipped and then imprisoned.

Most women are beaten as well as raped and suffer from internal injuries and broken bones. A women who becomes pregnant from rape must now face the hardest dilemma of all. Abandon her baby or risk community rejection or even legal prosecution for caring for it. This is why rape is used by the Janjajaweed as a way to "pollute" blood lines and undermine family bonds.
Because rape victims are very often afraid to tell what is done to them, this remains a silent crime.


Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder at the depths people can sink to. They're behaving like the lowest form of life.

ettarose said...

Hi honey. There is so much more that these soulless creatures do to these women. It makes me sick.


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