“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Precious Bloody Africa

The news is new, yet old. Once again Africa is being robbed of her wealth, by the very people who were sent to protect her. General Amisi Kumba is being accused of installing a mining firm in return for a 25% cut of the profits, even after a ban in September. The esteemed General denies this of course and surprisingly, the firm involved also denies there was a deal.

DR Congo has turned into a battlefield once again over the lure of profits from gold. Should this be a surprise to anyone? Blood Diamonds and blood gold and bloody death, torture and rape have turned this once proud country into one that has NO SHAME in stealing from the African people. Worst of all, is the fact that the world stands by and lets it happen!

We Americans go to war with Iraq for a lie and a terrorist leader. We tear up their country and then turn around and give money to fix it, and yet rape, murder, genocide, stealing, poverty and malnutrition is tolerated by the world. Britain and America are going to give aid to Mugabe all the while the diamonds and gold are paying to arm rebels. Now they have the military come in to suppress the rebels and instead they steal from the people they are supposed to protect.

An unidentified source who was a gold digger at the mines very recently says the mine is totally run by the military and that the diggers are often beaten. DR Congo is one of the poorest countries despite the riches of minerals like gold, Cassiterite and Coltran. Through the years of war by Congolese, Uganda and Rwandan forces an estimated 5 MILLION HAVE DIED!!

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