“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Monday, July 1, 2013

Nelson Mandela; An Island Unto Himself?

Nelson Mandela is an icon, a leader who fought for his country, against racial ignorance and apartheid in Africa. He is beloved by millions and when he passes, the word will know sadness in the real sense. I am sure that many are not ready to let him go, but perhaps it is his time to go be with the God he loves. When we mourn the passing of those we love, it is done for us, our grief that we will not see or touch one that has touched so many lives in profound ways. I question Africa and her people, who will replace him? Who will pick up and carry his torch? Where are the heroes that speak for the people in the great country of Africa?
There have been leaders fighting for Africa, but the numbers are not there. How is that with a world of billions our heroes number a small fraction.
Dr. Soon-Shiong was a gifted surgeon and philanthropist, famous for re-opening the Martin Luther King Hospital in Los Angeles.
Helen Zille, a reporter who blew the lid off the death of political activist Biko.
These are only two I will mention. There are 1,032,532,974 people living in Africa, and I ask where are the heroes?
Some will comment on this and tell me all the people who fought and still fight for racial equality. Go right ahead, I do not care. This same question can be asked about other countries; Myanmar being one where the hero is a 64-year-old woman. So tell me, is it you?


A @ A Changing Life said...

I do wish they'd let Mandela go in peace. What is to be gained by clinging on apart from further distress? It's a hard thing to say but it's sometimes the kind thing, the right thing, to do.

It's an interesting question, about the heroes.

Do you know Chimamanda Adichie? she is a writer and an interesting speaker.

Unknown said...

You have no idea how often thoughts of you cross my mind. Yes life can be a hard thing to live through, hard enough that my faith is questioned daily. As for the person you spoke of, I have not heard of her, but will definitely look her up. The hero question is one that crosses my mind a lot, why it is we seem to only have one or two people who make a difference. Then again there are so many unsung heroes we do not hear about.I will be writing about those people next.
I struggle anymore to find time to write here as you can tell and it seems like something is always pressing me for more than I can give. But life goes on, right? Thank you for being you.



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