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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Agencies That You Can Help, As They Help Others

I have looked at various agencies that are working full time to help those refugees in need  around the world. There are many good charities that are intent on helping where ever they are needed. What is needed from us are donations. These can be in the ways of money, goods and services. Some ask that you just let your government know that you want  it’s help. A call for action. We cannot save everyone, but the agencies that are listed here are trying to ease some of the suffering of the innocent people who were caught in the cross fires of civil war, or floods and famine in their country. Please go to Interaction.org. and see all the agencies that are doing what they can and what you can do to help in any possible way. Help save a life. I have listed a few here. You can see more here.

Medical Teams International
Sudan Disaster Relief Fund, P.O. Box 10 Portland, OR 97207, 503-624-1000
(June 11) Medical Teams International (MTI) is a member of the Global Relief Alliance (GRA), formerly known as the Darfur Relief Collaboration. The GRA addresses the impact that displacement, loss of assets, and the disruption of livelihoods have upon the nutritional state of people. There are four principal program sectors: Complementary Nutritional Intervention, Food Security Intervention, Medical Sector, and Well-Construction and Water Development. MTI is focusing on the health sector, proving health services and training to the people living in West Darfur. 

Oxfam America
Sudan Crisis Relief and Rehabilitation Fund, 226 Causeway Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02114, 800-77-OXFAM
(June 4) Oxfam is providing vital assistance to more than 500,000 people affected by the crisis, both in Darfur and eastern Chad through access to clean, safe water and sanitation as well as basic necessities such as blankets, soap and jerry cans for carrying water. Oxfam carries out public health education programs to try and prevent the spread of disease; and, as the crisis continues, is implementing projects to provide livelihood opportunities to help people find some alternative to the reliance on external aid. 

International Medical Corps
1919 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 400, Santa Monica, CA 90404, 800-481-4462
(June 12) International Medical Corps provides health care services for displaced and conflict affected populations in Chad, Darfur and the Central African Republic. IMC's programs offer a comprehensive package of health services to include primary and secondary level curative and preventative care; nutritional support; mental health programming; capacity building and education; access to safe and adequate water sources; rehabilitation and construction of community infrastructure; and emergency obstetric care services.

American Refugee Committee
Darfur Relief Fund, NW 5618, P.O. Box 1450, Minneapolis, MN 55485-5618, 1-800-875-7060
(June 11) The American Refugee Committee (ARC) provides lifesaving services to 400,000 war-affected people in camps as well as towns within the Nyala-Gereida and Nyala-Tulus corridors in South Darfur. Services include comprehensive primary health care, immunization campaigns, water and sanitation projects, livelihoods initiatives, and emergency response. ARC provides primary school children with books, classrooms, school supplies, and water systems. In addition, ARC works with farmers to provide seeds, tools and trainings. ARC also offers comprehensive health services to women and children who are at risk.


Relax Max said...

Thank you for these links. I will follow up and do what I can. That's what I like - something concrete that we can do with a click. So many others just say "help" and don't say how. You are to be commended. Again.

News Pie said...

I reviewed this site here:


Caroline said...

thanks for providing the links I really apreciate it. I'll be contacting them/following up.

ettarose said...

Thank you all, some of these let you do things online. I would love to get together and have a week of helping these agencies. Perhaps something to focus more people on.


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