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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Petition and Pictures

I have started a petition to the U.N and the President of the United States, whomever that will be. I would like to get as many signatures as possible, so help me spread the word. I also am going to post some pictures I found. I hope you find them inspiring.

This is Kalma Camp - population 90,000. Not a blade of grass nor a single tree and, worst of all, there is no safety. The camps themselves are continually attacked. The reported incidents of rape at Kalma Camp are 10 per day. This, in an Islamic culture, where the victims of rape are held culpable.
The World Food Program donates sorghum, which requires at least two hours of cooking on an open fire. Deforestation around an average IDP camp in 2006 was 10 miles, meaning a woman must go 20 miles for firewood. Thus firewood has become the crucial currency within the camps. On these excursions, she risks being raped, mutilated, or murdered. If the men go for firewood, they will surely be slaughtered.

This is Gerieda - population 137,000, the largest camp in Darfur.
In the last few months, 71 aid workers were evacuated from Gerieda because of attacks and rape. Only 10 aid workers remain to assist the 137,000.

These women have assembled to make a plea for a well.

A woman risking all to gather firewood. In the distant sky you can see an Antonov Bomber.

Despite the best efforts of aid agencies, there aren't enough wells, there isn't enough clean water. Cholera is spreading through the camps

Residents of Zam Zam camp.

Girl with traumatized baby sister. The baby has not made a sound since the day their parents were slaughtered and the village burned.


Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing about what is going on in Darfur. The photos were really striking. I am a master's of public health student and am currently writing a story about women in Darfur who encounter sexual violence when they go out to collect firewood. This story is for class and also to spread the word about this important but often neglected story. I was wondering if any of these photos were yours, and if so, could I use them in the story? If not, could tell me where you found the aerial shots of the camps and the photo of the woman with the firewood? Thank you for any help!

mitch said...

rebecca, thanks for your comment. If I knew how to get hold of you I would be glad to help you out.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for replying. My email is rel2126@columbia.edu. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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