“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vote For Freedom From Hunger

I have told you about this wonderful organization and the ways they help impoverished families by giving loans to women to set up their own businesses and the training they do with communities on health issues, such as mosquito netting, immunizations and checkups for their children. Now is your chance to help them help others and if you cannot give money then all you have to do is vote. That is it, vote once a day for Freedom from Hunger to give them a chance at receiving $23,000 in donations from  First Preston Management. The more votes they receive the more their share of the $23,000 they will receive. All it takes is a minute of your time once a day until Feb. 28th to vote for this charity which I highly endorse. Please learn more about Freedom from Hunger by going to their site and see for yourself the ways they help every day.
Philippines: MAHP, Freedom from Hunger's Microfinance and Health Protection program, has proven that microfinance institutions can add health protection options -- such as dental care -- for an additional cost of only 29 cents per client and still maintain a profit margin. Our little patient looks like she needs a bit more convincing!

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